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Transportation Network Companies and Taxis: The Case of Seattle

This book is a case study of the impact of market disruption by the Transportation Network Company (TNC) - e.g., Uber, Lyft - on the taxicab industry in Seattle and King County. The study examines what happened, why it happened and predicts what will happen in the future. The taxicab industry lost approximately 55% of its business (revenue trips) to the TNC industry but has recently begun a modest recovery. The TNC industry engaged in a price war (charging approximately one-half taximeter rates) to drive the the taxicab industry out of the market but it has failed. The TNC industry has never been profitable and is now experiencing a declining rate of growth which may reach zero growth in 2020. Unless it comes up with a new business model, the TNC industry may itself go out of business.

[Note: This book was completed before the COVID-19 pandemic. A future companion volume is planned to examine the period 2019 to the present.]