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Blog #10 - Plans for 2023

Well, it's too late to get a lot done during what remains of 2022.  I started out the year well enough.  Routledge published my new book, Modern Weights and Measures Regulation in the United States: A Brief History.  It is ironic that, since I retired in late 2017, it took 4 years for me to write and find a publisher for two professional books. By contrast, while I was working full-time, I wrote and self-published six books in just 7 years. My first book was The Blasphemy Trial of Charles B. Reynolds: Morristown, New Jersey May 19-20, 1887 (2011).  


I consider writing to be my third career.  I will probably continue to write until I cannot any longer. I recently turned 72 and I composed a poem about the accumulated wisdom I thought I would be passing down to my readers by now. 




At seventy-two

you'd think there'd be

so much I could tell you

about almost everything

about what's false and what's true

but I haven't learned much you see

perhaps when I turn seventy-three.


You'd think that by now

I'd have discovered

the meaning of life and how

to express it in rhyme

but for me much is still unknown

including how to figure out my smart phone.


I hope you find that one of my books speaks directly to you and you'll try another.  If you have any thoughts about my books, please send me your comments. I enjoy the feedback. Until next time.

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